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How to Use the
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Note: Before starting an extended viewing session I like to reduce the brightness on my cell phone screen.


Note: In these instructions I use the word "pipper". This term is borrowed from heads up display targeting systems for combat aircraft. Its orign is taken from the phrase "probable impact point". On different screens the pipper might be a circle, a cross, a dot in a circle, etc..


1) The Gear VR touch pad is rather like the "mouse pad" on some laptops.


2) You can instruct the Gear VR application or menu to go forward or backward by swiping your finger forward or backward over the touch pad.


3) You can instruct the Gear VR application or menu to go up or down by swiping your finger up or down over the touch pad.


4) You can make a selection (mouse click) by tapping on the touch pad.


5) There is also a charger power outlet on the bottom of the viewer. You can plug the viewer assembly into a charger if your phone's battery is low or if you plan to watch a longer program like a movie, race or game.


Remember, the Gear VR "back" or "home" button can be very helpful if you get confused. Press and hold, click and double click will all navigate back toward the Oculus Home Screen to help you if you get lost and want to start over.


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