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Installation instructions for the
blue Samsung Gear VR viewer

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1) The Samsung viewer comes with elastic straps that have Velcro strips to adjust for size. Remove these straps.


2) There is a foam cushion that is attached with micro velcro surfaces. This can be removed during the installation process and re-attached later if desired.


3) The Velcro straps were connected to black plastic clips mounted on eachg side of viewer assembly. We will attach the Hands Free Headgear magnetic clips to these black plastic clips.


4) The adapter kit arrives with the main head mounted frame and two magnetic clips attached to the side panels. The clips are slightly different and care should be taken to maintain the left side/right side and top/bottom orientation.

Caution: The rare earth magnets on the clips are quite strong. When the clips are attached to the side panels these strong magnetic lines of force are "caged" somewhat by the steel surfaces in the clips and the side panels.

We strongly suggest that you only install one clip at a time. If you remove both clips from the frame and they happen to "snap together" it will be very difficult to seperate them. It will also be difficult to maintain the proper left/right top/bottom alignment.





5) Bend back the rubber and insert the tab on the clip as shown. Note that the portion of the clip that mounts toward the top of the viewer is rather free floating.


6) Once the clip has been snugged up in place, bend the tab around the post. Finger tight seems to be adequate but if you wish to squeeze this down with needle nose pliers that is also acceptable.





7) Then bend/fold the magnet surface over the clip as shown.

Repeat this process for the other side.




8) When both clips have been attached, the viewer assembly can be placed in the head mounted frame.


9) The adapter's fabric panel is attached with Velcro strips. The fabric is 100% cotton and the panel can be removed and laundered like any other cotton item.


10) With the foam cushion removed there is some light leakage on the sides of the viewer. I use my Samsung viewer primarily for watching YouTube videos and sporting events. For this purpose the light leakage does not bother me.

This light leakage can be reduced by cutting out the center section of the foam cushion and attaching the remaining left and right portions to the viewer.




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